Manzo Majority Pay to Play Politics

Pay to Play Politics. Harrison Township does not have a Pay to Play ordinance. We will pass one in 2018.  However, just because Harrison Township does not currently have its own ordinance prohibiting Pay to Play, does not mean that Pay to Play rules can be ignored. The State of New Jersey does have such laws and they prohibit municipalities from awarding no bid contracts to political campaign donors. Contracts can be awarded to political contributors under certain circumstances, where there  has been a fair and open process and where contributions in excess of $300 have been disclosed in the process.   N.J.S.A. 19:44A-20.5 et seq. p2pguide The law requires even in a competitive contract process, that the business entities fully disclose campaign contributions.

In 2016,  Harrison issued a public notice stating that it would be accepting proposals for professional services contracts in a Fair  and Open process.  However when the contracts were awarded in January 2017, they were awarded in a non-competitive process.  After he lost the primary and finangled his way back in, Mayor Manzo and his majority awarded at least six no bid contracts to engineers  (Remington and Vernick) and lawyers (Van Hise and Duffield) who COLLECTIVELY contributed in excess of $15,000 to Manzo’s 2016 primary campaign combined. Manzo Diggons Disclosures 2016 Even though state law requires those contributions to be disclosed in a business disclosure form attached to the contract, Duffield and R&V did not disclose their contributions.  Mason Griffin went a step further and denied making a contribution to Manzo Diggons in the form submitted with the three contracts awarded to that firm: Special Litigation Counsel, Affordable Housing Counsel and Special Counsel for Sewer Treatment Facilities. Elec Complaint exhibits Elec Complaint These professionals have been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars under these no bid contracts.

  •  Did Mayor Manzo somehow forget that he received over $15,000 in contributions when he signed those contracts?
  • Is that integrity?
  • Is that putting Harrison First?
  • Is that the kind of leadership that is right for Harrison Township?
  • Look who has contributed to the Manzo DeLaurentis Campaign this year. ELEC_Document (7) ELEC_Document (5) One donor who gave more than the allowed legal limits owns the landfill!

We say Harrison deserves better. Vote Column C for Vigilante Rotte on November 7, 2017.