The VigilanteRotte Plan

  • Curb spending .  Our plan is to review every line in the budget to determine how and where responsible reductions can be made.  We will ask each department head for a reduction in their 2018 proposed budget.  We value our municipal workers and think they do a great job, and we plan to maintain the level of services Harrison provides.
  • Shared services.S Harrison Township has purchased a lot of equipment in the past year.  Since April 2017, the town has expended more than $1.8 million in new equipment and a structure to house the equipment. In addition to the expense of acquiring the equipment, it has to be insured, manned and maintained, so the equipment will continue to cost us money. We will  work with neighboring towns to investigate options to share services for the equipment to recover some of the ongoing expense of owning and maintaining the equipment.
  • Reduce debt. In 2017, the Mayor and majority leadership voted to use $1.7 million dollars in liquor license money into the general budget.  As a result they were able to claim a flat tax rate for 2017. There was no flat tax rate, they used the liquor money as a secondary source to offset raising taxes. Instead of using that money in the budget to pay down debt or to save for future expenses the Vigilante Rotte fiscally responsible plan is to reduce debt.
  • Responsible planning.  As the town grows, Township Committee must keep in mind that most residents who are here  moved here to get away from the hustle and bustle of places like Washington Township.  As the development in Richwood is soon to become a reality, final approvals should require responsible development, including a commitment to our schools and infrastructure. With the prospect of 1300 new homes in Richwood, the goal should be to protect the quality of life and rural nature of Harrison and not to enrich developers. This is what the developer presently has on its website the part of the retail plan for Richwood.
  • Commitment to ethical and transparent government. New Jersey has a local government ethics law which was enacted in 1991, which provides for the establishment of a municipal code of ethics and a municipal ethics board.  Under the Vigilante Rotte plan, a municipal ethics board will be established.  we encourage residents to contact us if they wish to serve.  We also plan to arrange for our township committee meetings to be televised through a local cable channel so that all members of the community can attend meetings and observe their elected officials at work for them.  We hope that by making our meetings available through personal and video attendance, residents will become more involved with local government.
  • Community center. Even though we have the second highest debt in the County, second only to West Deptford which has Riverwinds, Harrison Township lacks a community center. It is our goal to work with the developers who are growing our town to devote space to a community center which can be used by our active adult community and community groups.
  • Referendum on expenditures.  We fully support our local police department and other public safety officers.  This year Harrison Township spent $5.2 million on a new police station.  The building does not include a municipal court facility and is not designed to house one in its current configuration.  While our police department deserves the very best, the building itself includes a 45 foot atrium which does nothing to enhance services, is another example of the town’s leaders overspending.