Our Vision for the Main Street District

We are very fortunate to live in a town which has such a rich history, dating well back into the 17th century. As a community, we all benefit from the 1991 registration of Mullica Hill on the National and State Registries of Historic Places. That recognition was key in preserving the 300+ years of history which Mullica Hill represents. We also benefit from, and should have deep gratitude for, those who own properties in the historic district and who devote so much time and energy to their care and maintenance.

We are soon going to welcome a bar that will be opened at Naples at the Warehouse. We will see a liquor store be built on RT 77 in front of Future Fitness. While this will be new to our historic district and to Harrison as a whole, originally Mullica Hill boasted two taverns many years ago. Our goal will be to welcome that change while maintaining our history. Our vision for the future of the Mullica Hill Historic District is one of residential and small businesses commingled in harmony and prosperity. Mullica Hill has an amazing history and has managed to keep the rich historic feel by protecting the integrity of the buildings that line Main Street. While we are all for growth and moving forward we believe we can do this in a way that the essence of our town is protected while we it still grows and modernizes. We intend to provide support for the existing businesses which make their home on Main Street to create greater opportunities for growth and prosperity. Specifically, we will seek grants such as those available through entities such as the State Historic Preservation Office which administers programs and services for places like Mullica Hill on the National Register of Historic Places programs, including tax incentives, easements, grants, technical assistance, and educational programs. Our plan is to use these resources to support existing businesses and to revitalize waning ventures so that the economic development on our historic district can compete with the future commercial development that is currently planned. We also envision more diversity in the way of small businesses on Main Street. We hope to attract, and have been contacted by, small businesses, and shops that hope to bring more opportunities and choices for shoppers to Mullica Hill. While we hope to offer a different array of shopping venues our goal will be to preserve the essence of what Mullica Hill has always been. We will work with current residents that have been trying to restore and enhance their homes so they can get the renovations they desire done quickly and more cost effectively. We want people to move to Main Street and want to maintain and beautify what is already there.